Price is determined by material and time used to make a certain product.  All knives come with Spencer's MARK on the blade.  In general price is as follows;

Base Knives (all blades come semi sharp)
$80 - smaller blades, ornamentals, fly knives, SMALL
$125 - unfinished rough knife for you to add your own style to, smithed but not ground, OR finished rail spike knife (spike steel is softer metal than higher grade knives)
$200 -  MEDIUM no sheath, skinners no sheath
$250 -, MEDIUM, tactical or skinners with sheath and sharpened, notched, shipped
$300 -   tool steel forged, premium handles, combat, LARGE - shipped and sharp
$350 special customs, damascus folded or pattern welded steels,  heavy duty hand forged bowie/hunters, kukri, inlaid stones, sharp, sheathed, shipped.

$500 - axes, large blade, hand forged and fire welded
$700 - large fighting or tool axe with forged hammer on rear, hickory handle any length, leather cover.

Average time is 6 weeks.  Some special projects take longer, some items may be in stock and ready for immediate delivery.  During camp season (June-August) orders may be delayed due to summer programs on the farm.  Thank you.

Sheath, heavy grade premium
Sharpened (6,000 grit waterstone)
Hammer Textured
Spine notches/grind for grip and look
Your Initials
Differential Tempering
Hollow Ground

Rail Spike Knife


  1. Can you tell me what kind of knife you are holding in this picture? I really like this one and would like to price it. Thanks, LeAnn

  2. Love the knife you use on the show would love to have one like that, can you put a picture on you knife section ,would love to buy one for myself thanks Mitch

  3. Found the prices.. sorry for my last post.. now just to order..

  4. Want a 15 inch skinning knife with holster and want it to be sharp too. If you have one like that can I get prices and pic of it cause my husband love y'all show and does a lot of hunting and fishing so he will carry it every where he goes too

  5. I can u do a native American style axe and knife combo

  6. I can u do a native American style axe and knife combo

  7. Can you do a hudson bay trappers survival knife? Razor sharp and tough as nails. Modeled after the popular camp knife used by fur traders in the 1800s, the Hudson Bay Knife is truly a versatile, multi-use cutting tool. Its large 8.5" 1075 HC steel blade is great for everything from chopping firewood to slicing meat and veggies, while the ergonomic walnut handle provides a secure grip for any cutting task.

  8. Like to order a small knife. Where can I do this at?

  9. My lady had a knife made for me by you. I own nearly 300 blades and your creation is hands down my favorite. Quality steel makes a sharp lasting edge. I hope this message finds you well and hammering out more for the world to enjoy. Thank you for the time and effort you put into my blade. Your prices are remarkable for the piece of usable art you ship out. Keep it up boss.

    Bad Axe

  10. I'd love to buy a 300.00 knife we itch a nice handle and sharp knife....I would gladly send you a money order for it!!!

  11. With a nice handle that is strong and nice too!!!

  12. My info for you. Tane Clark, 11 Cottage Street , #1, Bayonne, New Jersey 07002, I'd really appreciate it Spencer!!!

  13. Spencer,
    I would LOVE to order a knife from either of you. Please email me at when you can. I know you're swamped with orders, work, kids......but Please contact me as to how to get to your website. Thanks so much Gentlemen!

  14. Is there any way I could get sn autographed picture of u a d your friend for my dad fir Christmas