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To reduce delivery time of your knife please request current available pieces.  If you order one of those it will ship immediately.  Custom orders may take up to 1-2 months to fill.

Please copy the following information and email lotswilderness@gmail.com with the word KNIFE in the subject line.  Payment arrangement will be made upon confirmation of order, thank you.

Because each knife is hand made using available materials the information below gives me a rough idea of what you want.  Please understand some special runs are not always available and each blade varies slightly from one to the next.  Some styles may not be available depending on stock and backorders.


Shop by budget - you pick the blade, my top price is:


Shop by style -

*Select one; Hunter, Skinner, Rail Spike, Fighting, Tanto, Bowie, Dagger/Spear, Fly Fisher, general bushcraft
*handle size: S, M, L
*Sheath; y /n
*Hammer Texture; y/n
*Spine notches for grip and style; y/n
*Sharpened; y/n
 *Differential Temper; y/n

If you do not use email you may write Spencer at;
10 Murphy Blvd
Canton NC 28716

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